For the last few days the west coast of the US has been suffering through a blistering heat wave. It is predicted to last at least 10 days. I dashed to the coast and boondocked for a few days and was quite blissfully delirious to wake up chilled and shivering!

Cool as Heaven

Alas, I had a few appointments so had to come back and deal.

I’m “between” projects right now. Have done a zillion hexies for a commissioned quilt, but it’s stalled out pending working out the actual design. And my Paper Lantern’s is too big to work on comfortably anywhere right now. If I’m able to escape to the coast again, i’m seriously considering bringing it along anyways. There’s only 1.5 corners to complete and then insert. Then I’ll have to decide how to finish it!! I’ve got a few all cotton sheets that might well work as the backing. The thought of putting ANY batting in it at the moment is enough to make me faint.

Raelene convinced me (took about 2 seconds, after I convinced her) to get a Ghastlie’s panel, and, currently, scouting out a way to make it into a quilt is about all I’m up to for now! It’s got the most adorable grouchy bat as a square and it reminds me of my oldest grandbaby when she was just a wee little beastie and would furrow her brow and look suspicious.

little grouchy bat is from the Alexander Henry Ghastlies line...

So if anyone has any suggestions for an adorably ghastlie quilt, lemme know!

Raelene, send me some of your cold weather, please!

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